Saturday, May 16, 2015

The "How to" of Debate

I decided to make the e-version of my introductory debate textbook free. It's an appropriate guide for middle schoolers or high schoolers.

To download The "How to" of Debate in kindle format, for free, click here. (By the way, the easiest way I know to get an ebook onto any kindle device is to download it to your computer, then email it to your kindle's special email address. Look on Amazon, in your account info, for "manage content and devices." Then go to Settings, and the email address for your kindle device should be under "Personal Document Settings." Make sure your kindle device is enabled to receive emails from your personal email address, then you are ready to go! Just email it to yourself, and a few minutes later, it will sync onto your kindle device. This is much easier than trying to figure out where your device stores kindle files.)

For the paperback version of The "How to" of Debate, click here (still $15.95).

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